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If you're reading this, then we've connected in some way in the past. 
Whether we met you online, at a show, or at a late night fast food joint as we indulged in one of our favorite past times, it's awesome to see you here! We hope you are ready to have some fun

We choose to stay independent as a band because it allows us to take life as it comes at us. We can focus on having fun instead of fitting inside music industry filters. 
Our debut album, "Because We Had To", is a live, interactive, multi-platform experience that we personally send out to fans in a ten day process. The experience allows for a direct conversation between us and everyone listening about the subject of the album, the making of the album, and the meaning behind it.

We're also sending out in-depth behind-the-scenes content on the process of making the record, why we are choosing to put it out this way, and what it can mean for independent music going forward...

This content is EXCLUSIVE to you. It will not be available in any other 
way than through this platform!

We hope you guys respect and enjoy what we're doing. We think it's going to be a wild time! 
We'll see you at the party...

Let's go!
 Ed, Jake, & Jon   
Why Join the Party?
The Journey

Music is meant to be fun. It's meant to take you on a journey so loud and boisterous and exciting that it makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs late at night with your arms draped around strangers turned long-time friends. 

The 502s Experience brings this journey to life by  transporting you to a secret party filled with laughter, loud music, and bright lights - and it's here that the listener and artists can connect directly and journey through the music together in a way that's never been done before. 
 The Quality

There's no need to be headed around from iTunes to Spotify to Tidal or to have 8 different logins just to listen to the artists you like. You should be able to listen to music in the way that is most comfortable to YOU...

'Because We Had To' will be delivered to you day by day through direct download and free stream. You can get all the songs directly in 3 different formats - including ultra-high quality 24bit WAV. 

Own it or stream it without ever logging in!
The Extras

12 songs, 5 videos, and 11 solid months of hard work by a dedicated team...

That's what went into this album, and we thought it would be a crying shame to let that all go to waste. The 502s Experience gives you access to behind-the-scenes content, detailed explanations, bonus tracks, and special videos that can't be found anywhere else!
Come party with us!
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